Screen Printing

When is Screen Printing used? – Screen printing is usually used on any garment printing job when the order is over 50 items. This is because there are setup costs involved. Orders smaller than fifty can prove to be expensive when compared to our other print techniques. Our customers who put in these ‘larger’ orders like the finish, durability and consistency that a screen print offers.

What is Screen Printing? – Stencils are created using the customer’s design. Usually one stencil per colour within a design. These stencils are made using mesh screens. The majority of the setup cost is spent on making these screens (stencils). Once they are made they can be used over and over again for re-orders of the same design at no extra cost. Ink is then pushed through the screens, one colour at a time, to recreate the design onto a garment. The whole process is done by hand and is one of the oldest forms of printing. Full coloured designs can be applied to garments very effectively using this technique.

Advantages –

  • Hard-wearing, with long lasting wash resistancy.
  • Retail quality prints – very fine detail can be achieved.
  • One colour to full colour designs with sharp and vibrant finish.
  • Can be used for any design on any garment.
  • Recommended for bulk orders – screen printing becomes more cost-effective with larger orders.

Uses –

  • Normally used for orders over 50 items.
  • We can screen print samples but all setup costs have to be paid.
  • Ideal for designs where pantone colours need to be matched.
  • Ideal for customers who anticipate many re-orders using the same design.

Cost – This print method is priced depending on how many colours are involved in your design. A set-up cost of £20 is charged per colour within your design. Once you have paid the set-up cost you will not have to pay it again if you come back for a re-order of the same design. Once the screens have been set-up you are then charged per print with the prices reducing the more garments you print. If you would like a copy of our screen print price list please ask.

Due to the fact that we are geared towards garment printing we have a maximum screen print size of A3, although we have no minimum print size.

Below are examples of screen printed garments.

  • Circuit board
  • Vermillion
  • Michah P Hinson
  • Royal Navy
  • Terrain
  • Afflecks
  • Setfire Media
  • Iran

Applique screen print movie.

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If you would like a quote for screen printing please specify on the quote form.