Blank Garments

At Applique Apparel we provide a wide selection of blank printable garments. These have been carefully selected from customer feedback and countless printing and wash tests.

Choosing the right garment can be a challenge as there are so many factors to take into consideration.

We have categorised our garments into three distinct grades to help you make your decision:


Garments which offer great quality, standard fit and colour choice at reasonable costs.


Garments which offer a more timeless style, detail and fit than our Value products.


Garments which offer the highest quality and most stylish fits.

These products are ideal for customers who have their own fashion labels or clients who want a high quality garment associated with their brand.

Some customers prefer to touch and feel the garments before they make their decision. We have a sample of each product at our Tib Street workshop, so please make an appointment if you would like to view these. Alternatively, we can post out blank samples but we do charge for this service.

Please let us know if you have an unusual product request. We can source almost any printable garment and not everything we supply is available to view online.